Extended viewing, reading and writing





Extended viewing, reading and writing plays an integral part in studies at National 4 and 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels.


In an attempt to improve standards of writing, we have introduced the study of films and related texts to S3 and S4, though films may also be viewed and discussed in S1 and S2.


As a first step towards improving writing (and listening) skills, a film is played in French (with subtitles in English) and pupils may answer questions which are written in French. The answers required are generally simple, perhaps even one-word answers, but they are then asked to write answers up in complete French sentences.


The first film used for this type of exercise is an American production, "Mr Holland's Opus". It was chosen because the context and content are appropriate and of interest to our pupils. The film and questions are intended for pupils in late S2 or S3, though S4 may also benefit.


Questions covering all 16 chapters of the DVD are provided below. While the answers themselves are not too demanding and are generally accessible to most pupils (especially with the help of subtitles!), the full written answers in French are prepared in advance - help may be given in respect of particular vocabulary and structures, but the main point is that by and large pupils can use the structures contained in the questions to provide answers.


In S3 and later, learners are invited to view a film, discuss its plot, themes and character development, and are given notes (consisting of discussion in English, guidance on writing, and questions and vocabulary in French).


After discussion and preparation, pupils are asked to produce a fairly brief piece of writing on the film in keeping with the guidance notes they have been given. These notes/writing may also serve as preparation for a presentation or as an element in a talking assessment.


Notes are available for the following:



                Professeur Holland    Le Diner de Cons            Moliere                            Luc Besson films               




                     Jean de Florette                     Les Enfants du Paradis                        Les Miserables                  Les Miserables 1995 review notes       

                                                                                                                                                          Review notes                        Les Miserables 1995 questions




          Notre Dame de Paris discussion page    Cyrano de Bergerac             Les Choristes                   Dracula teaching materials

          Notre Dame de Paris review notes                                      Les Choristes review notes     Discussion of Regne (Dracula)              

                                                                                                                Les Choristes questions  






                 OSS 117: Le Caire, Nid d'espions      Les Rivieres Pourpres                 Les Intouchables                                La Rafle

                                                                                                                                                            Discussion of Untouchable      La Rafle review notes





                                         Review notes                                       Attila Marcel                           Oui, mais ....



Notes are also available for:


Philosophy behind Les fleurs du mal                             Themes in Les fleurs du mal



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