15 Amazing Waterfalls in Kansas

Written by Jan Meeuwesen
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Weekdays can be stressful – all the rushing around and business – you sure need time to relax and get away from the bustle of city life.

What better way to spend your weekend than exploring nature? The waterfalls in Kansas offer you the chance to do just that with some incredible views.

Can’t decide which waterfalls to visit? Don’t worry, we’ve put together 15 enchanting waterfalls in Kansas that will keep you enthralled.

1. The Alcove Spring and Waterfall – Blue Rapids Kansas

Alcove Spring and WaterfallSource: shannonpatrick17 / Flickr | CC BY
Alcove Spring and Waterfall

If you are keen to visit a waterfall with ice glaciers, you should consider the Alcove Spring and Waterfall.

This dazzling waterfall and spring are located near the renowned ford where the founding fathers of Kansas took their wagons through in search of water.

The spring dries up during some months of the year; however, in May, the water gushes down the rocks with vigor.

Even when the water has dried up, there are still some fascinating things to do and discover.

The engravings made by the ancient campers along the trail to Oregon are a delight to discover.

2. Bourbon Waterfalls – Elsmore

This is one impressive waterfall in Kansas that is partially man-made.

It takes its source from the Bourbon County State Lake in Kansas and is one of the state’s largest waterfalls.

The lush green vegetation encircling the cascades is an awe-inspiring sight.

There are trails you can walk through from the north side of the falls; they are usually muddy, so you should take extra care while walking.

If you love nature portraits or enjoy taking pictures of natural surroundings, this is one place you shouldn’t miss.

3. Geary State Lake Waterfall – Junction City Kansas

Geary State Lake WaterfallSource: MS7503 / shutterstock
Geary State Lake Waterfall

Located south of Junction City in Kansas, Geary Waterfall is one of the most enthralling waterfalls you will find in the state.

It is sourced from the Geary Fishing Lake outlet and is active during spring or after a massive rainfall.

This waterfall is stunning.

There are some trails you can take to reach the fall, although you may face steep slopes and mud.

Water runs off the falls and seeps through the boulders to create tiny crystal falls

4. Empire Dam Waterfalls – Riverton

Empire Dam WaterfallsSource: Emmett Sullivan / Facebook
Empire Dam Waterfalls

The Empire Dam Falls are a massive stretch of running water about 1000 feet south of Riverton.

This enchanting beauty is a man-made waterfall and one of the most striking waterfalls in Kansas.

It flows year-round – except during winter when it freezes – however, the best time to visit is in spring.

The dam houses a hydroelectric power plant that is no longer in use.

The running water and the roaring sound it makes is fascinating – you could watch all day long.

5. Hitchen Creek Waterfalls – Longton

If you are looking for a 100 percent natural waterfall in Kansas, you should come over to Hitchen Creek.

Here, northwest of Longton, you will find this body of water just 2.6 miles from the north side of Flint Road.

Surrounded by lush green vegetation, the Hitchen Creek Waterfall is an amazing sight that will leave you stunned.

The tallest drop of the fall is just a little above three meters.

If you want to get the best view, drive along the bridge over Hitchen Creek and take pictures as you go.

6. Ozro Waterfalls – Cedar Vale

Ozro WaterfallsSource: Brent Hardin / Facebook
Ozro Waterfalls

You’ve probably seen very tall waterfalls, but how about short ones? The Ozro waterfalls is a shallow waterfall, just three inches in height on the Caney River.

It is located on the south-east side of Cedar Vale, five miles away.

You’ll find the green scenery on both sides of the falls appealing.

The best way to get a view of the cascading water is to drive through Road 6 south through Frontier road.

At times, the road becomes quite difficult to traverse, with a lot of mud, so be prepared to park up and walk if necessary.

7. Drury Dam Waterfall – Drury

Drury Dam WaterfallSource: Drury Dam / Facebook
Drury Dam Waterfall

This beautiful overflow waterfall is sourced from the Chikaskia River Dam.

It is in Drury, close to the border between Kansas and Oklahoma.

Drury Park, where the dam is built, is located 6.5 miles to the east of Caldwell.

This waterfall and its surroundings hold a lot of history.

The Drury Mill – ruined by a fire in the 50’s – sits beside the waterfall.

In the high rainfall season, the brown waters flow heavily down the cliff, creating a beautifully large puddle of brown-white wash-off; it’s an awe-inspiring site.

If you must visit a waterfall in Kansas, be sure to visit Drury first.

8. Deep Creek Waterfall – Manhattan

Deep Creek WaterfallSource: Fred Patterson / Facebook
Deep Creek Waterfall

Lying in the heart of Manhattan at the Pillsbury Crossing Wildlife area, this priceless treasure will give you the most amazing time of your life.

The waterfall resembles strands of hair separated by one-inch spaces.

This five foot high, 60-foot-long waterfall is an untainted beauty – a secret that shouldn’t be shared.

Taking a seat on one of the base rocks on the Deep Creek Waterfall is the best way to spend a day during spring.

9. Bowersock Dam Waterfall – Lawrence

Bowersock Dam WaterfallSource: weerastudio / shutterstock
Bowersock Dam Waterfall

Situated in downtown Lawrence, Bowersock Dam Waterfall is an incredible man-made fall.

During periods of heavy rain, the water can be very powerful.

The dam on the Kansas River allows this region of the river to stay open during winter.

When you come here, you will not only experience the pristine beauty of the waterfall, it’s also a perfect location to see bald eagles – you can find these impressive birds gathering here during winter when the lakes and ponds are frozen.

This waterfall is one of the most stunning man-made waterfalls you will find in Kansas – be sure to visit during the rainy season.

10. Wakarusa River Falls – Lawrence

Wakarusa River Falls Source: Slothus / Wikimedia
Wakarusa River Falls

If you want a place where you can fish and play as you enjoy the views of a spillway waterfall, visit Clinton Lake in Lawrence.

Situated on the east side of Lawrence, this spillway waterfall has water running every month throughout the year.

The volume of water you’ll find differs, depending on the weather.

This is not a very large fall, but will do, as it has a lot of other activities you can do to compensate for its size.

Take the route off East 902 Road – either north or south – to get to the lake.

11. Angel Falls – Lansing

Angel FallsSource: Kenny Dilts / Facebook
Angel Falls

This is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Kansas.

Located in Sevenmile Creek, Lansing – close to St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church – Angel Falls is a beautiful cascade brimming with colorful vegetation.

There are some trails you can walk through to reach the falls easily.

Surrounding the waterfall is an enthralling scenery of green vegetation and shrubs.

It is an awe-inspiring sight during spring when there is a lot of water, and during the fall, with dazzling color all around.

The best trail to the falls starts next to the church.

12. Prather Creek Falls – Chase State Fishing Lake

This is a group of waterfalls running down the spillway from the Chase State Fishing Lake.

Located west of Cottonwood Falls, this waterfall is a dazzling sight all year round, but more colorful during autumn.

This waterfall is an enchanting sight.

You can reach it by parking north of the lake then walking over to the other side, where you’ll find one of the prettiest waterfalls in Kansas.

13. Bachelor Creek Falls – Eureka City

These falls are located in Eureka city.

They are an amazing sight and among the most impressive waterfalls in the state.

The spillway waterfall is a man-made waterfall, just like many others in Kansas.

During spring or after a heavy downpour is the best time to visit this fall.

You can watch the waters gush brazenly over the rocks and make loud rumbling sounds.

There’s a lot you can do at this fall and you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit.

14. Montgomery Falls – Montgomery County State Lake

Situated in the Montgomery County State Fishing Lake, close to Independence, this fall is a spillway fall dropping from a dam.

The numerous cascade of falls created after the first drop is a must-see.

The sweeps of water on the rocks through the lush vegetation surrounding the lake is a most impressive sight.

If you are tired of watching the waterfall, you can go fishing in the lake.

The falls are sourced by the lake and some small creeks that empty into the different drops.

15. Santa Fe Lake Falls – Edgerton

Located in Santa Fe Lake, Edgerton, this waterfall is quite a sight during winter when the water is frozen.

It is also attractive during heavy rain season and spring.

Blanketed within dense green vegetation, the Santa Fe Lake Fall is a rare gem to be cherished.

This is also a good site for fishing, as there are different varieties of fish here – from sunfish to catfish and black bullhead among others.

This waterfall is one of the incredible man-made falls in Kansas.

15 Amazing Waterfalls in Kansas:

  • The Alcove Spring and Waterfall – Blue Rapids Kansas
  • Bourbon Waterfalls – Elsmore
  • Geary State Lake Waterfall – Junction City Kansas
  • Empire Dam Waterfalls – Riverton
  • Hitchen Creek Waterfalls – Longton
  • Ozro Waterfalls – Cedar Vale
  • Drury Dam Waterfall – Drury
  • Deep Creek Waterfall – Manhattan
  • Bowersock Dam Waterfall – Lawrence
  • Wakarusa River Falls – Lawrence
  • Angel Falls – Lansing
  • Prather Creek Falls – Chase State Fishing Lake
  • Bachelor Creek Falls – Eureka City
  • Montgomery Falls – Montgomery County State Lake
  • Santa Fe Lake Falls – Edgerton