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Veronique Raes

Veronique was born in Belgium and is currently living in the Netherlands. Her love for travel led her to an exciting career in the travel industry. Besides writing she also maintains the Socials for The Crazy Tourist.

15 Best Granada Tours


Granada is a mid-sized provincial capital located in southern Spain’s Andalusia region. It sits at the confluence of four rivers and is most noted as home to the Alhambra – …

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15 Best Girona Tours

Jewish Heritage

Girona is a city of about 100,000 residents in the northeast corner of Spain that lies just inland from the Mediterranean Sea. Located at the confluence of four rivers, it’s …

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15 Best Seville Tours


With more than 700,000 residents, Seville is the largest city in the Spanish province of the same name. It’s also the province’s capital and is home to three UNESCO World …

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15 Best Malaga Tours

The Spanish city of Malaga was originally founded as a trading settlement by seafaring Phoenicians more than 1,000 years ago. Now with a population of nearly 600,000 residents, it’s one …

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15 Best Capri Tours

capri walking

Featuring nearly a dozen historic churches, abundant monuments to religious and historical figures, and some of the most amazing scenery anywhere in Italy, the island of Capri is a must-see …

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15 Best Livorno Tours


Located on the western coast of Tuscany along the Ligurian Sea, Livorno is a city of about 160,000 residents that’s known for its busy port, fantastic seafood, and the extensive …

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15 Best Catania Tours


Located along the west-central coast on the Ionian Sea, Catania is the 2nd largest city on the Italian island of Sicily. Catania sports a population of nearly 300,000 residents and …

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15 Best Cagliari Tours


Cagliari is a municipality of about 150,000 residents located along the south-central coast of the Italian island of Sardinia. Cagliari’s Mediterranean climate and abundant beaches draw sun-lovers from all over …

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