A small collection of reflections and perceptions - just for fun




Wise people have said:




Cogito ergo sum           (Descartes)



You can't know you're right if you don't consider the possibility you may be wrong   (?)



Logic is only the beginning of wisdom    (Spock)



Love is everything         (Valjean)



I'm too old for this s_ _ t          (Roger Murtaugh)



Intelligence is the capacity to make connections (Brodie)



The arts give science purpose                (Alan Steel)



You can't fight faith with reason            (?)



Man needs to believe in something, even if it's just football                     (Arthur Smyth)



Opportunities should be equal, even if the capacity to take advantage of them is not      (?)



When confidence outweighs competence, the consequence can be crisis                        (?)



Mutual respect is a basis for harmony    (?)



Engagement is a two-way process                     (?)



Thinking + extrapolation + seeing connections = wisdom (unless it is wiser not to seek it!) (?)



Identity = (character + experience) x reflection  (?)



Education = (teaching + learning) x engagement (?)



Great films engage emotion and the mind                       (?)



Everything is subjective                                     (?)



At his best, an actor may teach about life. At his worst, he may be a parasite of life   (?)



Time does not exist in nature, only change                     (?)



The more you think about something, the more ridiculous it becomes      (?)



Schooling is about self-employment                   (?)



Tomorrow is another day                      (Scarlett O'Hara)



Philosophy is a fascinating subject which achieves nothing, however the method used to philosophise may help achieve something                     (?)



Read? What saddo would do that?            (a 13 year-old)



Treat a person reasonably, and you create a reasonable person (?)



Even a stopped clock is right twice a day                      (Eric Morecambe)



How do you measure success?                         (?)



Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them    (?)



It's not the length of experience that counts, it's what you make of it      (?)



With advice comes responsibility                       (?)



Nationality is an accident of birth                       (?)



Money makes the world go around                   (Cabaret)



There but for the grace of God go I                   (?)



No man is an island                                           (John Donne)



Familiarity breeds contempt                              (?)



Proportion is a common problem for people                  (Isa Cherry)



Drama is life with the boring bits taken out                     (J.B. Priestley)



It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it  (?)



Fame means you are known, it doesn't mean you're worth knowing      (?)



Recognition of one's ignorance is essential to the measurement of one's knowledge  (?)



Given the value we attach to truth, it seems bizarre that we use it so seldom        (?)



To assume superiority is to prove inferiority                   (?)



Managers run businesses for profit, governments run societies for people                       (?)



Why are professions so often put in the hands of careerists?                   (?)



Religion fills the gap between reason and authority                     (?)




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